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of your window, believe me. you would be praying as well. this is one of 11 confirmed tornados in illinois. as it hit the small town of washington near peoria. at least two deaths have been reported. this was the aftermath. nothing was left standing after the tornado was done. clean-up and recovery will take a very long time. >> look at that. this is st. louis as the storm hit. with at least 19 million people in the direct path of the worst parts of the storm. cnn has mobilized all of its resources to bring you the very latest information. jonathan monken is a director of the emergency management agency. we have him on the phone. we spoke to you about an hour ago. what is the latest information. you confirmed two deaths. what do you know now? >> caller: i can confirm we have a third death associated with the storm. this is in the town of washington. so somebody unable to get down to the basement in time and was pulled out of the home. and ultimately found in a field nearby. so we do have three confirmed fatalities for this outbreak of tornados? this, again, you said is in washington. you s
with the storms across the midwest. dozens are hurt. a powerful system spawned several systems across illinois. ashar quraishi joins us from chicago. it looks like it has calmed down. a different scene from what we saw earlier. >> absolutely. as you see behind me the sun has peaked out. the tornado watches and warnings are no longer in effect. the bears game with the reavens was delayed. there was half hour into the game when people were sold to take cover at soldier field, preparing for a rainfall, downpour. the wind picked up. they were prepared. moving tens of thousands to the lower concourse. we spoke to people coming out. a lot of people waited for a while. there was talk for the game to resume. there was a question was to whether it was safe. a lot of people left the area. they said it was chaotic - some jumping over others to get out. minor injuries - cuts and bruises. it took 45 minutes for those in the upper levels to get to the lower levels. the storm passed through. we didn't see much, some heavy rain an our ago. south, central illinois, tornados touch downs in washington, illinois
at the top stories. >> two are dead after a tornado strikes central illinois, cutting a wide path of destruction. the severe weather is not over. >> the philippine president pledges to sleep with survivors. >> a boeing 737 crashes and burns in russia, killing everyone on board. . >> the national weather service is reporting 50 tornados spreading across the state, leaving damage, especially in central illinois - there two death. it started in illinois, carry, past chicago. the system travelled over lake michigan and is moving through michigan and indiana. damage is extensive in washington, illinois. moments have been reduced to rubble and debris is scattered throughout the county. in wisconsin strong winds have topp toppled trees, shower lines and sheds were destroyed. >> in chicago, 60,000 fans were told to take cover at soldier field as a precaution. >> live reporters are covering every angle. we begin with al jazeera's juan carlos mill eena. >> it's a storm system stretching over the mid west. in washington, illinois, reports that tornados destroyed neighbourhoods. pictures surf
, a commune kaxs manager for the illinois emergency management agency joining us by phone from springfield, illinois. >> give me an idea of what you are assessing, what communityin communityings may have been impacted. >> well, at this time, we have confirmation of touchdown in six counties. and those are actually fairly dispursed throughout the southern tip of illinois. but we amgs have four other counties that have some reported damage. we don't know if those are wind damage yet. >> when you say there are reports of touchdowns wharks is the need? how do you get to them? what do you do first? >> we have been watching the storm system for the last couple days. we're in contact with the weather service. we're prepared to send any equipment or personnel that they might need to respond and to recover from this situation and disaster. we are in contact with the management agency with staff to the washington area. it was one of the hardest-hit areas so far. >> we're looking at live pictures from potential damage out of that washington, illinois area. >> we're seeing the storm as it's happening
. >> it is important that we see ourselves as a family, that we come together. >> illinois governor pat quinn declaring parts of central illinois disaster areas as tornadoes ripped through the midwest killing six and devastating neighborhoods. >>> after typhoon haiyan, still struggling to get aid where it is needed most. >> a massive clean up effort is underway in the midwest after severe storms battered that region. authorities saying at least six people were killed. those storms brought up powerful tornadoes that damaged hundreds of buildings, central illinois one of the hardest hit area, it's state governor touring that area today. in one storm related death, how is the damage and how are people scopincoping with the devastati. >> reporter: this area that we're in looks like it was completely leveled, and the trees that have not been completely uprooted have been stripped of its branches. debris strewn about this neighborhood and one home has a couple of walls held up through the walls you can see the closet where clothes are still hung in the close pet some a devastating scene here. people i think
or destroyed. central illinois appears to be the hardest hit. the governor plans to visit that area today. >>> in washington, illinois, one person was killed when those tornado tore through. how is the damage and how are people coping? >> reporter: well, the damage is significant. this area is completely viscerated. the trees that have not been completely unrooted have lost all of their limbs. there were homes here behind me but those have been completely devastated. you see debris strewn about combined with people's personal belongings. it's a deadly scene. people are coping in a way where they say yesterday they were happy to be alive. today under the stark light of day they see how much they've lost out. >> this is the time of year where people are getting ready for thanksgiving, now they're just getting ready to find a place to live. how are the people there coping? what are they saying? >> reporter: well, it's definitely tough. just to give you a couple of numbers, 250 to 500 homes have been destroyed. we drove up near an argument apt complex that were also destroyed. it's a tough ti
about the book "the negro in illinois" a project part of fdr's work administration. the project employ prominent riders like richard right, margaret walker to chronicle the experiences of african-americans in illinois from the time of slavery to the great depression. this event was held at the carter g. woodson library in chicago. >>> we thank you for being here today. it's such a joy to have this project between book covers now. you know, it's been so long. and, you know, we've been talking with michael, you know, and eventually going get this project done. each step of the way he keeps saying, you know, one day we're going have that big event at the library. here we are. it's finally here. so i'm happy to have all of you here with me today. and thank you for coming out on a saturday afternoon. today i want to begin by talking about how i found this project. sort of how it found me. tell some of the background how the negro in illinois was conceived. the individuals who carried it out, then read some passages from the book. my wife and i moved to town to 2004 to urbana champagn
>> mayhem in the midwest. severe storms spawns dozens of tornados. in illinois, one of the hardest hit states - homes were levelled, six lives lost, >> a deadly plane accident in russia, all 50 on board a boeing 737 were killed. investigators are trying to determine what brought the plane down. >> an upgrade for the faltering politicians debate whether the system is worth fixing. >> prayers in the philippines - the typhoon-ravaged country tries to find comfort in faith as the international relief effort picks up speed. >> welcome to al jazeera america, it was a repair november tornado outbreak. a storm system ripping across the west, producing dozens of twisters. the brunt felt in illinois. at least six are confirmed dead, most in the central part of the state. the storms passed through chicago, before moving through michigan. washington, illinois, a town two hours south-west of the chicago was one of the neighbourhoods. >> diane easterbrook reports from illinois. >> over here in washington, illinois, it was a clean-up effort underway. the town imposed a curfew at 6
of the twister hammering washington. illinois, look at this. washington, illinois, a small town of about 10,000 people. and as you can see, nothing was left standing. at least 26 states are now in the path of the system. >> so that is what it looked like blowing through st. louis. even without it, the storm was packing winds and hail. at least 19 people in the direct path. cnn has mobilized all of its resour resources to bring you the very latest information. i want you to stick with me throughout the hours here on cnn. most of the amazing imagings have come to us from the people living right in the middle of them. rosa, what have you been finding out? >> we're seeing a lot of funnel clouds, a lot of dark clouds. let's start with some of the destruction. this is south of chicago. you're going to see a lot of debris only the ground. i'm not sure if we can get some of the audio, but you're going to start hearing not only the winlds, but people talking. you'll see trees that are snapped, branchs all over the place, downed power lines, people walking on the streets and, quite frajly, some of th
situation. in the midwest, 10 different states affected, extensive damage reported. in illinois, structures reduced to rubble, trees uprooted, cars turned upside down. illinois, indiana, southern michigan, western ohio all at greater risk of people being told to take cover. i'm greg jared in american news headquarters. >> it's serious enough to bring you this special coverage because some 53 million americans right now across nearly a dozen states and several major cities are all caught in the crosshairs, these pictures just giving you an example of how severe the weather has been. the national weather service is calling the risk significant for severe weather. dangerous thunderstorms and destructive tornadoes all possible throughout the rest of today. we want to get straight to meteorologist janice steen in the fox news weather center. janice, what have you seen so far? >> we've seen dozens of high-risk tornadoes, and the warnings they're putting out is very rare for this time of year and encompasses millions of people across the midwest. because it is a sunday, i'm concerned that people a
destruction in illinois. several neighborhoods were leveled. one man recite ad the lord's prayer as he saw a massive twister hit his town. >> 3:00 will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive "those who trespass" against us. and lead us not into temptation but deliver from evil. amen. >> wow. that's where we start on a monday. a lot to go through today and welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. tens of thousands of people will begin digging through the sticks that are what their home used to be. millions of americans in the danger zone this morning, heading for cover after hearing of whaling of those warning sirens. listen. [siren] after that, just minutes until the chaos began. survivors describeing a frightening scene. >> there it is. in martie of seconds, you turned around it was right on top of us. we hustleed into the house. before we knew it was gone. it was that fast. >> i would go outside and i heard, it's like a train, like a loud tra
confirmed in illinois. more are expected as the storms move east and intensify. we're live with the latest. good sunday afternoon. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc. also today, obama care rollout fallout. >> this thing is failing, but this is failing much faster than they expected. >> his less ggacy -- >> i'm less concerned about his legacy than i am about the people in my state and around the cup who are being hurt. >> democrats stand tall in support. >>> also ahead, the than who knew lee harvey oswald personally gives us an intriguing look inside the mind of a killer. but we start with the severe weather. tornadoes slamming the midwest at this hour. tornados have touched down in several communities in central illinois. some damage has baeeen reported. you can see from the pictures here. and some communities, a great deal of damage. no firm reports of death or serious injuries. in chicago, parts of soldier field had to be evacuated, the chicago bears game was delayed we're told that the players are going to return to the field here at some point here in the very near future. nbc me
the way into parts of southern illinois. as this line bows out, that's where we are watching for the strongest winds on the very edge of that line. here is a look at some of the damage that has occurred. right now, it's too early to tell, but you can see completely complete devastation just within the scene of course, i am sure the national weather service will be out to survey all of the damage and litted us know just how powerful that tornado really was. >> eboni, thank you. this was the beginning much our coverage of what is happening with these storms in the midwest. usher kerish, we understand you are on your way to the stadium, to soldier field, they suspended the game because of how severe the storm system is. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: well, we are heading into the city right now, and the visibility is still pretty poor. you can see a fog just sort of wipe out the skyline. it's really poor visibility at this point. and, you know, the expectation is that this storm front is going to be, you know, most severe portion of it reaching chicago within the next
, illinois, took the brunt of this storm, and our thoughts and prayers were out to their families and those loved ones that were lost in that storm. there has been a good response by fema, people on the ground already, assessments are being made, and hoosiers are rolling up their sleeves and cleaning it up as we fully expect them to do, so the response has been terrific. but certainly we have to acknowledge that this caused some severe damage, but the response has been terrific in terms of addressing it. now, the bill i would like to talk about is senate bill 1471, the alicia dawn kale respect for national cemeteries act, which hopefully i think will come before the senate this week. now, i wish this legislation wasn't necessary. it shouldn't be. there were tragic events that happened on may 30, 2012. obviously, we wish that they had never happened and wish there never had to be a bill named after alicia kale. i regret the department of veterans affairs made a mistake that resulted in even more pain and heartbreak for this family, which is already suffering from that heartbreak and the loss
panorama. >>> decenas de tornados dejaron destrucciÓn y muerte en el mediooeste del paÍs. illinois sufriÓ los embates de la naturaleza. sirenas alertaban del fuerte tornado, en cuestiÓn de minutos la destrucciÓn se vio en poblaciones vecinas, casas rodantes se vieron arrastradas, calles y postes elÉctricos daban cuenta de la magtinitud de los daÑos, equipos de rescate acordonaron la zona, y residentes se dijeron sentir con suerte de salir con vida. >>> un tornado grande tocÓ tierra. la caÓtica escena se repitio en illinois. casas en ruinas y carros arrastrados, y Árboles caÍdos, y situaciÓn alarmante en gardner. las fotografÍas muestran que el momento en que un tornado se formaba en el Área, en pekin un remolino fue captado, se confirmÓ que un tornado toco tierra. en indiana resultÓ afectado. asÍ volcados los automÓviles estacionados en este cafÉ, los dueÑos en espera de ayuda. autoridad prometieron ayuda a amdinia damnificados, se espera que estÉn en la zona del desastre, univisiÓn. >>> una poblaciÓn mÁs afectada es illinois, uno de los estados que con mayor crudeza
completely flattened. cbs reporter ko im joins us from washington, illinois. >> reporter: and what you see behind me is just a glimpse of what this unusual late season storm was able to unleash in this small town, blocks and blocks and debris and damage. streets being patroled in a sprawling neighborhood in washington, illinois. the twister ripped through the town wiping out hundreds of homes. >> oh, my god, this thing is huge. >> reporter: the national weather service says dozens of twisters touched down across the midwest sunday leaving behind destruction in at least 12 states. illinois was hit hardest. jeff lehman was outside and barely got to safety. >> in a matter of seconds you turn around and it was right on top of us. we hustled into the house. >> this is incredible! >> reporter: in peoria, illinois, twisters flipped vehicles and ripped through homes. >> i'm really amazed that we made it out. >> reporter: josh cannon and his band were driving to a show when a twister picked up their vehicle and spun it around. >> our car just moved three times and the tires kept coming off and the
withight deaths, mt of the in illinois. after roh weather that stretched across 12 statein all and all in the space of one strangely violent day. we bin our coverageonight with nbc's kevin tibbles i illinois >> reporr: good night, brian. tonight in pecon, the shock of wh this massive storm has don is only now beginning t set in. large areas of washington, illinois, look like a moon scape today. as stunned residents picd through the wreage of wt used tbe their home >> right there you can see tha blant in thattree, our house was right in fnt of that. >> reporter: andrea bers like soany others huddled inhe basement. she held ontoer 3-month-old daughter with all of her might. >> the windows blew out. we huddled together and laidn top of our daughter. everything started falling in. >> reporter: by the time this massive storm rolled through illinois, sipeople weredead. among e vikts,my tippen's andmother francis houy and her great grdfather joseph houy. >> she kept saying want out of here. >> reporter: but the farmhouse could not withstand the strength of the storm. afte surveying the damage
of some towns in illinois. aid is getting through to more victims of typhoon haiyan, a week and a half after superstorm slams into the central philippines. a fiery scene after a 737 crashes in russia, killing everyone on board. why the christmas tradition known as black pete has so many seeing red. >> at least three people are dead after nearly 50 tornados swept across several midwestern states. a major cell developed in central illinois, near washington county. it passed south of chicago before travelling to michigan and indiana. the three deaths are in washington county illinois. there neighbourhoods were reduced to rubble. debris is scattered through the region. we have amateur video as it moved through the state. this is taken at long point. >> chicago, 50,000 fans were told to take cover at soldier field. the match resumed. >> diane eastabrook is in illinois. i know you are from that part of the state. what are you seeing there? >> not a lot at this point. we just got here. it's very dark. the city cordoned off the area. a curfew was put in place at 6:00 pm. they don't want peopl
in washington, illinois. overnight, we saw 81 tornados in five states. a huge swath of the midwest is reeling after severe weather killed six people and left hundreds of thousands in the dark. president obama has been briefed on the situation, and fema deployed teams to the hardest hit areas. we will start in illinois. that's the state that bore the brunt of this. governor pat quinn declared seven counties disaster areas. these pictures are unbelievable. he'll have a news conference to update things 45 minutes from now. he's also touring damage, entire communities flattened. residents have been absolutely overwhelmed. >> i couldn't believe it, matt. i'll tell you, my neighbors' houses, i just couldn't believe it. so, we run around, run to all the neighbors houses looking for survivors. i mean, i just couldn't believe it. i've got cars and trees. i've got -- my '07 gallant's three houses down. >>> meantime in indiana, tornadoes picked up cars and tossed them into a starbucks in lebanon. no one was hurt. but it's now a common sight to see buildings with their roofs torn off. the biggest problem
from washington, illinois where this bird's eye view shows the scale of the devastation. hundreds of flattened homes as far as the eye can see. >> it is important that we see ourselves as a family, that we come together when something very dangerous and difficult and deadly happens to the people. we're all in this together. >> second term blues, plagued with health care mess and credibility, can the president find a cure for his mounting problems. "saturday night live" has a prescription. >> are you feeling depressed, rundown, like you just can't win? are you the president of the united states? ask your doctor for paxil, second term strength. the only antidepressant strong enough for an embattled second term. >> and sister act. the cheney sisters facingi off n a public fight over gay marriage. is the family spat all about politics for the senate candidate. >> i love her very much, her family very much. this is just an issue on which we disagree. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. dozens of tornadoes ripped through the midwest yesterday killing eight people, injuring d
stories. >> deadliest tornados we've ever had in the month of november in illinois history. the state's governor is visiting communities hit by a string of deadly tornadoes. >> dozens of the deadly twisters rip through the midwest. at least six people are dead. and devastating neighborhoods. >> and a major market milestone. the down reaches territory never seen before. more than 24 hours after a string of deadly tornados moved through the mid west people across the region have started the prey assess of putting their lives back together again the storms that tore through the heartland leveled neighborhoods and uprooted trees and power lines. >> eight people died and six were killed in hard-hit central illinois. >> but we begin with diane eastabrook in the hard-hit town of washington, illinois. what are residents telling you? >> today, reality is really sinking in. the reality is sinking in as it what these people lost. >> these are my granddaughters >> insurance agent roger hickman was stunned at the first sight of his office. sunday's tornado broke windows, hurling glass and debris e
sections of illinois and to the southwest of chicago. very devastating tornado being reported here. this was about 11:00 in the morning. in pecan that is one of the suburbs of peoria. this is google earth. this is peoria and here is pecan and this is washington. traveling to the northeast towards washington. typically they come back down again. already today we have had 31 reports of tornados and we are going to send it back to you. do we have something going on? >> okay all right well when we talk about this system are we talking about one system or more than one? >> it simpacting the area around the midwest or great lakes. along that fondal boundary we have seen these storms. moving into the boot hill of missouri we have had a number of reports something reported by law enforcement and some by train spotters. i think they may have new images coming up against from that peoria tornado. we will let you know and show it to you in this newscast. >> the last report talking about how soldier field in chicago was evacuated earlier. everyone in the stadium was told to get out of the blea
. >> deadliest tornadoes we have ever had in the month of november in illinois history. >> states hardest hit by this month's tornadoes. >>> and typhoon haiyan, trying to get aid to where it's needed. >>> mission to mars, a mission to mars, arriving within the next ten months. >>> you are looking at another milestone on wall street. the do you crossing 16,000 for the first time ever this morning. right now the blue chips are up 47 points, any close by the way in positive territory would mean yet another record high for the dow. that would make it the fourth in as many days. >>> our other big story of course the cleanup continues in the midwest where hundreds of blth were damaged or destroyed by severe storms that moved through on sunday. they spawned powerful tornadoes and as a result, authorities now saying at least six people there are dead. one of the hardest hit areas is central illinois. usher careshi, how are people there coping? >> del, we're standing here in what was once a residential neighborhood. as you can see behind me, most of it has been completely decimated. just a short time
neighborhoods are wiped out this morning. bigad shaban reports from washington, illinois. >> reporter: the storms left some neighborhoods unrecognizable. this used to be an automotive shop. here's part of a seatbelt we found that came from a nearby car or one of the store shelves. now much of what is left is a pile of rubble that stretches a block. firefighters in washington, illinois search through rubble looking for survivors of a massive tornado that leveled the town. spray-paint signifies a car or home has been searched or clear. this was just one of an estimated 80 twisters reported in the midwest sunday. most of them were in illinois. michael perdun saw a twister headed for his home. >> grabbed my daughter and ran. everybody is safe. the rest of it's replaceable. >> reporter: hundreds of houses here in washington were destroyed. officials instituted dusk-to- dawn curfew because of gas leaks and downed power lines. the same tornado that hit washington also struck the town of pekin, 18 miles away. jeff lehman says he barely escaped. >> my son said there it is. in a matter of seco
it is resilience here in washington, illinois. thank you so much. "the lead" the jake tapper starts right now. >>> the stock market is reaching heights it's never seen before and my investment banker gordon gekko assures me nothing can go wrong. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the money lead. unemployment still well over 7%. many americans still upside down on their mortgages and yet, the dow keeps breaking records day after day after day. are we sitting on another bubble? is it about to pop? >>> the national lead. she hid with her family in a basement closet. her husband clinging to the door to keep it shut as a tornado roared overhead. when they emerged, nothing was left. one illinois wife and mother brings us her harrowing tale of survival. >>> and the politics lead. it must be that time of year for the traditional airing of grievances. two sisters have a very public falling-out over same sex marriage. one is a lesbian, the other a tea party courting conservative and they both call vice president cheney dad. >>> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tappe
to pull anyone in the wreckerrage to safety. six people were killed in the heartest hit areas of illinois. dozens more injured by flying debris when twisters tossed cars like dice and tore roofs of homes and leveled entire neighborhoods. mike tobin in hard-hit washington, illinois, with more for us now. mike? >> reporter: jenna, this is one of the two neighborhoods absolutely leveled when the tornado touched down in washington, illinois. across the debris field hundreds of homes are reduced right down to the ground. the national weather service is estimating that the tornado that ripped through here carryed winds of 170 to 190 miles an hour. now the sun is up, and with dawn resumes the miserable task, picking through the cold finding debris and what belongings can be salvaged and what remains to be kept. as we look through hundreds of homes in two different neighborhoods, devonshire and trails end neighborhood. it happened in a matter of minutes. storm chasers said the sirens whaled by 11:05. by 11:08 the funnel cloud was on them. one storm chaser described what it is like to be caught in
eastern, 1:00 p.m. pacific on "the lead." newsroom continues right noum frau washington, illinois, with brooke. >> it is great to be with you here on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin live here in what remains of washington, illinois. i want you to take a look behind me. we can pan in so you can see what reality is like for the 15,000, population 15,000 or so people here in washington, but specifically for this neighborhood, let me tell you, i just walked two miles just to get here. the security, the police, the sheriff's deputies, it's that tight because they want to keep people, those who should be here, here, and those who should not, out. just a short time ago, the national weather service confirmed this tornado here that ripped through the city of washington, as in fact, an ef-4 storm with wind of about 190 miles per hour at those peak wind speeds. but really, it was the string of tornadoes that wrecked havoc in communities across this midwest section of the country sunday, but illinois here, really took the brunt of the storms. six people died. >> on the ground. it's on the gr
through the midwest yesterday. >> the hardest state hit by far is illinois. this was captured in suburb of washington where ef-4 tornado touched town and packing winds 165 miles an hour. can you hear the sheer terror as one tornado passes by this home. do you hear that? they are praying as a massive stormed passed by their home. rescuers have been out since yesterday looking for anyone alive in all of the wreckage. >> that is one of the most terrifying things you could ever see. the damage in illinois is staggering. six people confirmed dead and many more injured and cars and houses smashed. the ground littered with furniture and debris. you can see people in the streets there crying for all they lost. one resident of washington told us what he was thinking as the storm approached. >> i was watching the news and they said a tornado down mere peekon. i go outside and i heard -- it's like a loud train. i said, this isn't right. i said it's not thunder. it just kept coming. kept coming and getting louder. so then i went into the basement and about ten seconds later, i heard -- i felt the h
. the weather even halted an nfl game for hours. this is the tornado that ripped through washington, illinois, as seen through a survivor's window. you could see the massive funnel race across the screen. that storm caused extensive damage and killed at least one person. it was one of 70 tornadoes today. wendy shows us the damage. >>> tornado leveled an entire neighborhood in washington, illinois. residents went through the pile of splintered woods, used to be homes looking for victims. there's reports that as many as 300 houses are gone. >> there is not right. i said, it's not thunder and it kept coming. kept getting louder. >> amateur video capture add giant funnel cloud barreling down in el paso illinois. >> this thing is huge. it's coming fast. >> emergency management officials say one twister was moving at 6 o miles an hour. >> we started in the hallway, where there's no windows and hild each other. >> the national weather service confirmed one tornado hit east peoria and tvs shut down in other communities like central illinois and indian nach the bears ravens game was interrupted during
. >> prayers were the only comfort for a man in washington, illinois when a massive twitter came this close to his home he was lucky to have survived. there were a series of deadly midwestern tornadoes. >> one confirmed death in michigan has pushed the death toll to seven this morning in the rash of tornadoes and storms that hit the midwest. the worst hit was in southern illinois where neighborhoods were turned into scrap piles. we are in hard hit washington, illinois. >> every belonging, shredded, all across the unable. >> this is what the house looked like after the tornado came through. these scenes were repeated across five states in the midwest at 81 reported tornadoes touched down yesterday. there was a chilling path of destruction, leveling homes, crashing through a busy starbucks in indiana. >> we couldary the glass shattering. we came out and...the building was gone the. >> 60,000 football fans at chicago's soldier field were sent rushing for cover. >> further south a tornado creating the most terrifying moments of lisa and her son's lives. >> we covered up with the mattress. i was
. continue in illinois, where dozens of tornadoes ripped at least six people were kill. central illinois too the most severe hit. nbc bay area's jay gray has more. >> reporter: thecope of what's happeneds hardo comprehend. the just an't supposed tbe this many tornadoes, this intense,his late in the season. event for us,specially in the month november. >> reporter: but the devastation is all too real. communitie splintered and scattered for miles by a string of 40 tornadoes o more that scarrethe midwest sunday. this one capred on tape as it cut a fe-mile path a tenth of a mile wide tough washington, illinois, driving those in its th to the knees. >> forgive us our trespasses -- >> isome instances, we fou people far fng from where they arted from. >> reporter: wn the winds stped, entire neighborhoods were completely wipedaway. >> once i got back int town and pulled in thfirst neighborhood, i literally had no idea where i was at. the houses were gone, street signs were go. the peop were in shock. >>eporter: now a day later, understand or believe what's haened. what too just seconds to destroy
is in the hard hit town of washington, illinois. >> what do you got over there? >> bill bailer is searching through what was his home in washington, illinois. >> what we have left are pieces. we have our lives, that's the main thing. that house just got paid off a week or two ago. that's what's sad. >> baylor was returning home from his office when the tornado hit. his fiance escaped with her life. >> that's our kitchen. she come down these steps and got this door open and not knocked down. >> the tornado that leveled baylor's home was one of 75 reported in seven states from tennessee to michigan. but washington, illinois, was hardest hit. you can see the devastation in these before and after photos. personal checks and other items from here were found 85 miles away. there's widespread damage in this small town. the governor of illinois says these november tornadoes are the deadliest in the state's history. >> first thing i did was declare seven counts of illinois state disaster areas. >> bill baylor didn't need a former decloration. >> i never dreamed we'd get this much. >> but it's
's heartland. in their weak a path of death and destruction. perhaps the hardest hit area, washington illinois. ang andy roesgen is there. andy how are residents coping? >> authorities have announced that they are giving people about five hours to get back into the area, get their personal property and then get out. and a facebook page has been established to try to reunite some of these folks with their personal effects and paperwork that in some cases have been scattered hundreds of miles away. from the air the damage is easy to see. on the ground a devastating sight for hundreds of residents. >> it's hard to believe. it's almost like a -- can i wake up now? you know? it's almost like a nightmare? >> reporter: on monday stunned survivors of the heavy storms returned to hard-hit washington, illinois, to scrape up what they could, and figure out what is next. >> my neighborhood found my daughter's journal that she kept as a kid. so we'll be looking for bits and pieces today. >> reporter: the five-mile wide twister was one of dozens tornados reported in illinois, slamming into dozens of communi
injuring scores of others and carving a wide swath of destruction through 7 states including illinois, indiana, ohio, missouri, wisconsin, michigan michigan, and k, and kentucky. the line of storms is bearing down on pennsylvania, new jersey and new york city where it is expected to arrive sometime before the monday morning rush. three of the deaths were in washington county and southern illinois. mike tobin is reporting live. >> let me show you something really remarkable in terms of visuals. that's a stud sticking outside of the house. this isn't something that came from inside of the house it was something flying around from the force of the storm and i am pailed into the side of the house. that gives you an idea of how much force the debris has. the letters okay written in red this means the first responders came through and determined everyone in this house was accounted for. the people in this house the people in this row of houses are feeling pretty lucky because right behind them is the devon shire or trailed edge neighborhood where we see hundreds of thousands that are ripped
>>> this morning on "world news now," november nightmare. tornados tear a path through illinois and indiana leavi >>> this morning on "world news now," november nightmare. tornados tear a path through illinois and indiana leaving behind heartache and destruction. >> we saw it coming through this way. like the angle toward our house. the whole shed's gone. >> the overnight damage reports and the storm system's next threat. >>> wild pursuit. a traffic stop with a mom in a minivan and five kids turns into a drastic and unexpected scene. >> open the door! open the door! [ screaming ] >> the questions this morning about a mother's actions and police who opened fire at a family minivan. >>> unforgettable ride. the car john f. kennedy was riding in 50 years ago this week as the world witnessed his assassination. what happened to the limo after that fateful day? it is monday, november 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> good monday morning. we have a busy monday morning but we want to talk about our weekend. you had a fun, pr
. a dangerous tornado is ripping through illinois and major cities are in the strike zone. we have correspondents on the ground. let's start with you karen, what is the latest on the information that you are get sng. >> as you mentioned, this is an extremely situation it affects millions of people. tornado watches are extending down toward mississipouri. these are the areas that have erupted. the most recent one was a report coming out of illinois. they had reports of structural damage there and minor injuries. earlier in the day, 11:55 local time we had damage recorded in pecan, illinois. the reruption of these tornados is still owe curing as we go throughout the afternoon hours. we are looking at illinois now. chicago is way up here. to the south of chicago we are looking at a tornado warning. a dangerous situation which is across this region. here is interstate 57, much of these storms or many of these storms are moving towards the east as 55 and 65 miles per hour. if a warning is issued in your area you need to take shelter. let's show you what is happening in missouri. there i
.s. states today illinois was especially hit hard. give forward, illinois where 20 homes and businesses were torn apart. entire neighborhood were destroyed. >> relatives of the 50 people killed in the russian plane crash arrived at the crash scene. the pilot was reporting a second landing of the bowing 37 m when it wept down. >> in the philippines president keno unfire for the slow response is in hard hit cook low ban. he says he won't leave until conditions improve. >> the reel o'reports are reaching more people an some in the remote areas are looking for help. france assures israel it sports sanctions on eye rap and it will not back down. >> they ar50eu6 in israel with talks with the president. this comes days before the talks in again flee have a. >> knows are the headlines we planned to bring you the documentary "tiny" but stay tuned to a documentary on the philippines. tiny will air flex week at 9:00 eastern. consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree
♪ mayhem in the midwest as severe thunderstorm spawn dozens of tornados, in illinois an entire neighborhood is gone and lives losts. they seek comfort and fake, the massive international relief effort is beginning to pick up speed. a delicate and dangerous operations at the fukushima plant and workers start to remove radio active fuel rods and the first step in stabilizing the site. and pushing themselves to the limit, hundreds participated in 24 hour tough mudder competition, it tests physical and mental endurance. ♪ a rare november tornado out break across the midwest, dozens of deadly twisters ripped through the region unleashing powerful winds that demolished entire neighbors and good morning and welcome to al jazeera, i'm stephanie s i and this is normally snow season in the midwest but a weather system triggered unseasonable thunderstorms and tornados across 12 state and the worst was felt in illinois, officials say six people are dead, most in the central part of the state. the storms later passed just south of chicago before moving into michigan and indiana. when it w
evt unfold across the midwest and it is stillot over. at least the ople have died in central illinois, after the violent orm system unleashed tornadoe demolishing score of homes and businesses, and injuring dozensf people. the threatening weather even forcing th suspensionof today's chicago bearsame at soldiefield. here now 5:30 central time pas of michigan, ohio and kentucky remain under tordo wahes, with strong wind warnin and aisories extending back into illinois. we have full coverage starting with nbc's kevin tibbles in the town of wilminon, illinois. good evening. >> reporter: lester, no one could havemagined a storm of this magnitude churning its way across the midwest this late in the year but tonight, at least three people are dead, and numerous communities are assessing the damage. >> oh my go this thing is huge. and it's comingfast. >> reporter: severe weather cut a wide ph through the midwest sundayafternoon. >> go, go, go, go, go! oh my god, it's he. >> reporter: putting more than 53 million people across ten states at high risk, tens of millions more the storm pushed e
bac >> one of the hardest hit ars was north central illinois. that's wheree go to nbc's jay gray le from the city of washgton. good morning to you. >> reporte good morning, richard. good t talko you. those six falities you talked about all from this area of ntralllinois. >> reporter: the dastation is widespread and overwhelming. >> within less than a minute, everything srted collapsing within the house. cracking and sputtering. annext thing we know, 's light inside the house. >> reporter: at ast six people are dead, dozensnjured after a string oviolent storms including 40 tornadoes or more ripped across eight stes sund. central ilnois took the most severe hit >> all of a suddenthe wind started picking . >> reporter: when it finly stopd, communities like washington and n minden are fothe most part wiped ay. >> it's pretty bad as far as people n being able to stay in their homes. the roofs are gone. church steeple gon some dage on the inside. i would say it's pretty bad. >>eporter: a path of splinted homes and communities leveled by the intense storm stretches from ktucky to michigan.
. on the left you can see video from a chicago suburb of the ride a small town in central illinois. a woman in washington and illinois as her home and business was standing one moment and on the next. >>: our house was just beyond the deck. and this was not a business. we have veterans above the garage and of the car here and work our bedrooms. a lot of people have a pile of rubble to fill. i don't have anything. it's gone. i don't know where it went. >>mark: authorities say at least six people and the state have died. the illinois national guard is helping and recovery and cleanup. the national weather service says there may have been as many as 80 tornadoes throughout the midwest yesterday. >>james: it was suppose to ease traffic but the first weekday commute on the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel might cause delays this morning. the two cars through the hillside are only expected to light in traffic for people on the reserve community that is commute direction. those commuters only used to get one bore to travel. now both directions of highway 24 will have to dedicated bores all the
in illinois where the governor declared a state of emergency in 7 counties monday. emergency officials are still assessing the damage. they say it's still not safe to go back into the most devastated areas. 8 people were killed, 6 in illinois and two in michigan. thousands across the region are starting down the long road to recovery now and al jazeera and did has details. >> reporter: from the air the damage is easy to see, miles of flattened areas where homes once stood. on the ground a devastating sight for hundreds of residents standing in front of debris where they used to live. >> it's just hard to believe. it's almost like can i wake up now? it's almost like a nightmare. >> reporter: on monday survivors of sunday's tornados and heavy storms which ravaged communities in 12 states returned to washington, illinois to scrape up what they could and figure out what is next. >> my neighbor found my daughter's journal she kept as a kid. so we will be looking for bits and pieces today. >> reporter: the five-mile wide twister that cut through washington is dozens reported in illinois s
are now equal. >> reporter: earlier this month illinois' legislature also passed the same-sex marriage bill. now it's in the hand of democratic governor pat quinn, who is expected to sign the measure into law soon. >> at the end of the day all we're talking about is treating each family with the same equal law. >> reporter: in october new jersey's supreme court unanimously decided it would begin recognizing same-sex marriages, too, rejecting appeals to delay the position. >> marriages are equal in new jersey? >> reporter: a move where governor chris christie dropped his opposition. a statement from his office: these three latest join a growing list of states in the midst of changes to marriage law. today 15 states plus the direct district of columbia see same-sex marriage as legal, and ten regular civil unions an partnerships. and 30 have included outright ban against gay marriage. today, more than a third of the u.s. population lives in states that recognize gay marriage. >> more people leave congress and newer people step in who are from our generation. i think if it's not changed no
're going to do now. >> six more counties declare disaster zones in illinois. >>> today marks the 150th anniversary of abraham lincoln's iconic gettingsberg address. ♪ >>> lebanese officials say 23 people were killed in suicide attacks outside of the iranian embassy in beirut. dozens more were injured. an al qaeda-linked group says it is responsible, and it is another sign that syria's bloody civil war has spilled over the borders. >> reporter: scenes of devastation. two powerful bombs were detonated outside of the iranian embassy in beirut early on tuesday. many were killed and the iranian cultural attache was among the injured. >> translator: i am syria. i work opposite the iranian embassy. on my way to work the first explosion took place. i fell unconscious and woke up to find myself here at hospital. >>> it is a message that says clearly we can hit you anywhere you are. if you are going to be involved in places in syria, then we can also hit you in front of the iranian embassy in beirut or anywhere else. >> reporter: the attack appears to be the latest spillover from the syrian wa
are restoring power in illinois and michigan and indiana. washington, illinois, was hardest hit bit tornado with a thousand homes damaged or destroyed, twice as many as they feared. 13 illinois counties have been declared "disaster" areas. the cost of this severe weather could top $1 billion. >> should only women considered conventionally unattractive be used to recite female soldiers? a high ranking army officer in charge of recruitment things so and is drawing fire for the controversial comments. abc7 news reporter has the story. >> it is offensive. why are we talking about women's attractiveness? >> that is what women are wondering after an army colonel called this photo a bad choice because the woman is too pretty. he said and i quote, "ugly women are perceived as competent and pretty women are thought of using their looks to get ahead." it is frustrating to see that feeling exists. >> former united states air force captain finds the attention on this soldier's lipstick shade or looks, sad. >> what it has to do with is the nature of the people, the character of people. >> a congresswoma
, according to media reports. in illinois millions face potentially threatening weather across so midwestern states. there are multiple reports of damage from one tornado in the central part of illinois, emergency officials are determining the extent of the damage. >> chicago players and fans attending the chicago bears baltimore ravens game at soldier field were forced to take cover. >> in russia a boeing 737 exploded during landing killing 50. the flight had a crew of six and 44 passengers, there's no word of survivors or the cause. >> french president francis hollande met with israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu today. top of the agenda iran's controversial nuclear program. francis hollande assured benyamin netanyahu that france will continue to fight the easing of economic sanctions against iran until it was certain the country would end its nuclear weapons program. >> i'm jonathan betz, those are the headlines. "america - this weekend" is next. and find us online at fire. >>> . >>> good evening, thank you for joining us. joey chan is on assignment. you are watching
a report from the caldecott tunnel in 30 minutes. >> illinois, indiana and other midwest states are cleaning up after being hit by 40 tornadoes. some were double counted in usually reports of up to 65 twisters. the hardest hit community is washington, illinois, where there is nothing left. several blocks where homes stood are gone. six people died and dozens were injured the many were caught off guard because they came so late in the season and were fast moving. one family survived after making a run for safety. >> me and the boys went straight to the creek. we ran as fast as we could. the tornado was behind us. we ran to the creek. >> our father would heart in heaven. >> a man recited the lore's prayer as video shows the huge tornado moving to him. the home was spared. there reports of damage in a dozen states. >> in lebanon, illinois, employees of starbucks took shelter. when they emerged, the workplace was destroyed, all windows blown out and two cared flipped over in the paing lot. >> it's on the ground. on the ground. storm chasers of illinois captured this picture of a fun
stories. >> the deadliest tornados we have ever had in the month of november in illinois history. the stated's govenor visiting community hit by a strong of deadly tornado. >> and a major market milestone. the do you the dow reaches terrr seen before. >> more than 24 hours after a string of deadly tornados ripped through america's heartland it's time to sort through what is left. >> the storms that barreled through the region spawned tornados that leveled neighborhoods. diane estabrook is in the hard hit washington, illinois. what are folks saying about what happened yesterday. >> tony, today reality is sinking in. yesterday after the storm tonigo people were grateful to be alive. today they are picking through the rubble and recognizing what exactly they have lost. >> insurance agent roc roger hin was stunned at the sight of his office. his shock quickly turned to grief. >> it's hard, it's very emotional. >> how many o of your customers are affected? >> over a thousand. it's devastation. it's unbelievable. people my friends, gone. life, just wipe out. >> all around washington, i
they could find. some of the most devastation is in central illinois. that is where we find the highest number of deaths. six people were killed in illinois. including an elderly couple in the rubble of their new minden farm house and one was a teenager who picked up a downed power line. usher authorities are concerned about protecting property, right? that is right, john. just to give you an idea the curfew is in effect like it is in many areas in central illinois. it's in effect here and it's holding. i will pipe you t point you to e residents have come home to. take a look at this front yard. have you an uprooted tree. >> an the powerful forces of the wind that flew through this area. the residents got the first opportunity to come back today to survey the damage and at this point it's very much a salvage operation. three hundred nine sheridan road was once a home now it's just an address dave's elderly grandparents lived here for decade. >> i used to come herewhen i was favoufavour sixfive or six and e back bedroom. the framed family photos, glass intact. >> this was my grand father
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